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Trama Diveroamericana is an inter-institutional network oriented to producing knowledge and designing interventions based on best practices in diversity, inclusion, and equity projects and policies in different territories and social scenarios, while at the same time developing training programs on the subject. It brings together agencies of the scientific system, higher education institutions, and civil society organizations from Ibero-American countries, whose synergy seeks to foster intersectoral and interdisciplinary collaboration, joint work, and co-construction of knowledge.

We accompany organizations in diversity management processes, with the aim of creating equitable and inclusive environments that promote individual and collective well-being and seeking social justice. We also develop knowledge on diversity, inclusion, and equity from a decolonial and human rights-based approach, and from a gender and diversity perspective; we carry out scientific research to analyze the effectiveness of interventions on these issues and design empirically grounded and scientifically tested work interventions. Our actions seek to contribute towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Trama was born in 2021 with the support of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the European Union, which – through the FORCYT Program for the strengthening of scientific systems in Ibero-America – financed and accompanied the creation of the Network for the Promotion of Diversity Management in Social Organizations and Companies, the predecessor of Trama Diveroamericana. For 2023-2025 the network has the economic support of CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research of Argentina) through financing one of our research projects.

Currently, Trama Diveroamericana is composed of institutions from Latin America, Spain, and Portugal, namely: the Psychological Research Institute (IIPSI by its initials in Spanish), an executive unit of CONICET and the National University of Cordoba (Argentina), and the leading institution of the network; the Faculty of Psychology at the University of the Republic (Uruguay); the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science at University of Porto (Portugal) through the Educational Research and Intervention Center (CIIE by its initials in Spanish); and Encontrarse en la Diversidad Foundation (Argentina). It is supported by the Entrelatam initiative, a Latin American alliance of companies for diversity.


Contact: trama.diveroamericana@iipsi.unc.edu.ar

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